Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts are a cost-effective and typically construction-free way of maintaining your independence at home. Stair lifts are affordable, flexible, and attach straight to your stair treads- meaning they can typically go in quickly and get you back to focusing on the things that are most important in life. They also fold up when not in use so that they do not block stairways or inconvenience your guests.


For straight stairways without landings, we provide a variety of stair lifts to serve every budget and set of physical circumstances. We carry multiple straight stair lift makes and models in stock so we can install one for you ASAP.


For stairways that turn or have landings, we can have a stair lift manufactured to fit your stairs exactly so that you can stay in the home that you love. We guarantee that our lift will fit your stairs and can provide options to park the stair lift out of the way on a landing so it is easier to get on and off the lift.


Because we are one of the largest stair lift suppliers in the US, we have a large inventory of lightly used and reconditioned stair lifts available to install for our customers. These units provide a low cost alternative to purchasing a new stair lift in situations where it is difficult to secure the up front purchase price of a new stair lift.

From the 17th century all the way until today - learn about the origins of stair lifts.