Stair Lift Options

Stair Lifts can be equipped with a number of optional features and styles.


Linked Footrest Folding and Unfolding

For your safety a connected or linked footrest allows you to fold and unfold the footrest without bending down to the floor or leaning out over the stairs at the top landing. Depending on the model, the footrest folding might be linked to an arm, the seat or a lever. Examples of chairs offering this type of footrest are the Stannah Siena 600 and the Bruno Elite.


Push Button Footrest Folding and Unfolding

If your mobility depends on a wheelchair or walker, a push button footrest allows you to fold the footrest out of the way when sitting into the chair or standing to exit the chair. This feature allows you to back fully up to the seat before sitting down. Examples of stairlifts offering this feature are the Stannah Starla and the Bruno Elite.


Automatic Retractable Rail

When the rail at the lower landing prevents a door from opening or poses a tripping hazard, an automated retractable rail will automatically move the rail out of the way when the chair moves up the stairway. This option will work for a rider who is unattended. Examples of stairlifts offering this feature are the Stannah Starla, Stannah Siena 600 and the Bruno Elan.


Manual Folding Rail

Provides the same benefits as the automatic retractable rail. Because it folds manually the rider cannot raise or lower the rail, an attendant is required. The Bruno Elan offers this feature.

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Power Swivel Seat

A one or two way power swivel seat automatically turn the chair at the top and/or lower landing. This is beneficial for users with impaired use of their legs or for landings that have very little room. The Stannah Siena 600 and Starla 600 are examples of stairlifts offering this feature.

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Colors and Finishes

You stair lift can look as elegant as the rest of your home. Choose from the upholstery type, color, and finish of the seat and even the rail color on select models.

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Safety Harness and Ankle Restraints

For users with extremely limited mobility or ability to remain in a seated position, a five-point safety harness and/or ankle restraint straps will safely secure the rider while they’re traveling on the chair. These options may be added to any Stannah stair lift.


Oversize Footrest

If you have a difficult time bending your knees an oversize footrest is available on certain models. This allows you to keep your legs further out in front of the seat.

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Outdoor Stair Lifts

Don't give up access to your backyard, pool or lakefront just because of stairs. In most regions an outdoor stair lift can be installed on a straight or curved stairway. These unique chairs have weather proof paint, upholstery and sealed carriages to prevent damage from the elements. Some models will even work in colder climates.