Rooted in Service.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with predictability, accountability, and the best value for every dollar you spend caring for your equipment.

Our technical professionals are established experts in our field, utilizing some of the most advanced diagnostic tools and training in the industry. We are also at the forefront of state and national safety code requirements for elevator and lift maintenance, ensuring your equipment remains safe and code compliant.


Service Plans

One of the most important factors in our customers' experience is predictability. For this reason we offer Service Plans to provide planned maintenance and to address code requirements such as safety testing, maintenance program documentation, and examination of safety devices and sensors.



Our Flat Rate Repair program results in shared goals with our Tech Team and our Customers: do the job once and do it right. We take pride in the predictability and value that our program delivers to our Customers.


24/7 Elevator Monitoring Service

Elevator safety code requires that all elevators installed in and at public & commercial buildings be provided with the means to contact a call center capable of taking appropriate action in the case of an emergency. We provide this service at competitive rates to limit your risk and provide you with the best value possible.

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Service Plans

Arrow Lift provides service plans to our customers to keep their cost of ownership lower, extend the life of the equipment and protect their long term investment.

Performance Basic Plans

Each and every elevator and lift that we install has layers of protection built into its design.  However, the safety devices within your system require routine service, testing and examination in order to ensure that they will work when you need them.  With the Performance Basic Plan your lift will be serviced within routine intervals compliant with State and National codes, as well as manufacturer's standards.

Performance Plus Plans

Our Performance Plus Plan provides the highest level of service, ensuring that your equipment retains its intended safety, reliability and quality.  This plan eliminates unexpected, costly repair bills by providing the same professional level of preventative care included in our Performance Basic Plan, as well as diagnosing and correcting equipment performance issues at no additional cost. Speak with a representative today to get this plan for your equipment.

*Not applicable for all equipment models

Ask us about the options available for your equipment.


Repair Service


There for you when you need us.

Since they are complex electro-mechanical machines, elevators & lifts break down from time to time. We have one of the deepest teams in the industry in terms of experience, technical prowess, and troubleshooting skill. When you need your equipment fixed, we are there to do it once and do it right.

Our Elevator & Lift Technicians are experts in:
– Diagnosing the underlying source of the issue(s)
– Performing the necessary repairs
– Evaluating, identifying, and recommending fixes to safety issues that may cause future breakdowns
– Getting you up and running as quickly as possible

In fact, our service vehicles are stocked with the most common parts so we can fix many issues on the spot. Whether or not you purchased your equipment from us, our team is here to help.


24x7 Elevator Monitoring Service


Compliant Service

Our 24x7 monitored Call Center allows you to ensure that your lifts and elevators are compliant with the latest safety codes and that your building's occupants will be able to reach help in case of a life safety emergency while riding your equipment.

Contact us for more information on this service.