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Reconditioned Stair Lifts


A Cost-Effective Alternative

We carry a variety of lightly used and reconditioned stair lifts and are able to identify a product that matches your application in most cases.

Because our stock of reconditioned stair lifts fluctuates and the installation of pre-owned stair lifts may be more complex, it is important to let your sales consultant know early on that you are interested in reconditioned options.

The first step to purchasing a reconditioned stairlift is to schedule an appointment with one of our stair lift sales consultants.

Key Features

  • Fold up when not in use
  • Run on batteries in case of power failure
  • Attach directly to stair treads, not to walls
  • Typically are available for straight stairs, although occasionally pre-owned curved stair lifts become available
  • May take longer to install
  • Stock quantities are limited