LU/LA Elevators

Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators (LU/LAs) provide safe & compliant accessibility in existing buildings and in tight and low-rise spaces where full-sized Passenger Elevators are impractical.


Compact & Economical

LU/LA Elevators are typically installed in very compact spaces with minimal pit depth and overhead. This design flexibility along with a power-sipping 1:2 roped hydraulic drive system results in a total cost of ownership unrivaled by passenger elevators.


Where installed in suitable applications as permitted by local building codes, LU/LA Elevators are permitted to be used to provide an accessible route between spaces, in compliance with ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

Uniquely Customizable

Because our LU/LA Elevators are designed and built for each project, we can build from steel or applied panels, or can build a beautiful wood cab from nearly any species to complement your building's design.