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Home Elevator Drive System Options

While all home elevator drive systems require some space for controls, there are differences in the cost, comfort, and space needed to locate electrical/electronic and mechanical equipment for the elevator.

Roped Hydraulic Drive

The holeless roped hydraulic drive is the quietest, smoothest drive system available and features a 1:2 roping which allows the hydraulic jack to serve taller spaces without worrying about in-ground drilling or environmental hazards.

The roped hydraulic drive is available in capacities of 950 lbs and 1400 lbs.

Inline Gear Drive (IGD)

The Symmetry IGD is the most economical and space saving drive option. Counterweights are supported by chains which are driven at the top of the rail system by an inline gearmotor, resulting in the ability to fit in compact overhead spaces.

The IGD system is available for capacities of 950 lbs.

Winding Drum Drive

The Winding Drum option provides a balance between ride quality and economy. Ropes are wound around a drum which is driven by an electric motor. The Winding drum system requires a machine room immediately behind the rail wall of the elevator.

The winding drum drive system is available for capacities of 950 lbs.