Door & Gate Options

The car and hoistway door/gate system that you select has an important and profound impact on your elevator, both in terms of beauty & aesthetics, and in terms of safety. We are proud to exclusively offer the safest and most beautiful car doors & gates in the industry.

In addition, every elevator car gate or door we provide comes equipped with light curtains as well as software checks which detect the presence of people, pets, or objects between the car door and the hoistway door prior to operation.

These provisions exceed code requirements and make our elevators the safest in the industry.


Doors & Gates

Your elevator can be provided with one of any number of combinations of doors and gates. Each door or gate can typically be customized by selecting material & finish.

Symmetry Safety
Car Door (SSD)

Car Door

Car Gate

Car Gate

Car Door

2 or 3 Speed
Car Doors

2 or 3 Speed
Landing Doors