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Curved Stair Lifts


Tailored for nearly any Staircase

When a stairway curves, Arrow Lift can design a stair lift that will curve with it. Your curved stair lift can be built to fit nearly any application including stairways that have one or more landings, pie-shaped steps, or even spiral staircases.

Curved stair lifts fold up while not in use, use minimal power, and typically require no construction to install as they attach directly to your stair treads. All modern curved stair lifts run on high capacity batteries so that you aren't left without your lift in the case of a power failure.

The first step to purchasing a curved stair lift is to schedule an appointment with one of our stair lift sales consultants. Click the link below to request more information. Let our 30+ years of experience guide you through this process.

Key Features

  • Fold up when not in use
  • Run on batteries in case of power failure
  • Design flexibility allows your stair lift to park off or away from the stairway
  • Attach directly to stair treads, not to walls
  • Rails are manufactured to fit a specific stairway
  • With the Stannah line, we are able to guarantee a fit to your stairway