Stair Lift ROI

Many customers we meet with are faced with similar challenges. The bedroom is upstairs, the laundry room is downstairs and there’s no shower on the main level. For some, the home layout is fine but they struggle to keep up with cleaning and maintenance. As all of us age our personal assistance and medical needs increase as well.

If your goal is to stay in the home you love, a stair lift can be the most economical and least intrusive way to solve each of the issues listed above. Let’s compare an average cost of $3000-$5000 to install a straight stair lift with some of your other alternatives.

Need a main level bathroom? The national average price for this addition is $8,820.

How about moving the laundry room from the basement to the main level? Depending on where you live and the appliances selected this will average $5000. If you just don’t think you can manage the home and move to assisted living, the national average price for a 1 bedroom is $3500 / month. Yes, that’s each month! With that you could also incur a realtors average fee of $15,480 to sell your current home.

Stair lifts are a one-time, fixed cost solution to many challenges our customers face. Even more complex curved rail systems will pay for themselves in a few months.

When you sit down with your family to discuss all the options, be sure to include stair lifts at the top of your list.

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