Proper Stair Lift Fit

Think back to the last sofa you purchased. What was the key factor in making your decision? For most of us it boiled down to how comfortable the cushions were, how the upholstery felt and whether our knees and legs felt “right”.

Stair lifts are no different. They come in small, medium and large. They come with vinyl, cloth or leather. Some have narrow arm widths, some are wider. Even components such as the footrest depth and hand controls make a huge difference depending on your size and dexterity.

Choosing the proper chair is best accomplished with a proper fitting. Schedule a visit with your closest showroom and try a few chairs from different manufacturers. See if the seat feels firm but not tight. Check to make sure the height makes it easy for you to transfer in and out. Watch the position of your knees, and try operating the chairs. Be sure to mention any special needs you might have. Most manufacturers can equip your stair lift with numerous options.

None of us are built the same. None of us have the same physical challenges. A properly fitted stair lift will keep you safe, comfortable and provide access to places in your home that were previously hard to reach.

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