Parenting with Disability: Clear Anxiety Hurdles

Parenting with Disability: Clear Anxiety Hurdles

Parenting young children, in general, is not for the weak. Our beloved little rugrats place heavy demands on our physical, mental and emotional energies. Therefore, if what you bring to the changing table is a disability of any sort, there is no doubt that parenting for you will consist of some extra challenges, and it is understandable if you are nervous.

Realize, however, that there is no such thing as the perfect parent. We each come with strengths and weaknesses in different forms. Whatever your disability, you can do this. By making some special preparations and plugging into a supportive community, no matter your personal limitations, you can provide your child with a happy, healthy and loving home.

Financial Planning with a Disability: How to Prepare for Future Care

Financial Planning with a Disability:  How to Prepare for Future Care

People take part in financial planning for a variety of life scenarios, such as having a child, buying a home, or retirement. On the same note, as a person with a disability, this is a life scenario you must plan for to ensure you are able to adequately take care of yourself financially and afford the care you need. The following are a few ways you can start preparing now for whatever disability-related expenses the future may hold.

Which Stairlift Should I Buy? (Part Two)

When it comes to buying a stairlift, we believe that the best way to answer the question, “How do I know which stairlift to buy?” is this to:

  • Find a qualified, experienced company whom you can trust

  • Ask this company to help you find a safe and reliable stairlift that meets your needs, and at a fair price

  • Make sure it is a good quality piece of equipment with no history of recalls

  • If it is a new unit, insist on at least a two-year parts/one-year labor warranty

  • Ask if the installer has been background checked, drives a company vehicle so you know who they are, and if they work on accessibility lifts and specialty elevators for a living

  • Know how to reach the installing company after installation, including a physical location.

How Do I Know Which Stairlift to Buy? (Part One)

For most people, purchasing a stairlift is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unlike purchasing a car, where you know what to expect, it is difficult to know what is “normal” when deciding which stairlift to buy. This article aims to help the many home owners and family members out there who are wondering, “How do I know which stairlift to buy?”

Our Foundation

When we engage with a client on a project, whether an architect, builder, or homeowner,  we believe that there are certain nonnegotiables. We will not mislead our customers for any reason. We will not compromise our integrity. We will not compromise safety for either our team members or our customers. If we make an error, we will do our best to make it right.

These are our values. 

In an industry where the ability to earn and keep a customer's trust will make or break a business, we've managed to build and maintain the trust of our customers for over thirty years. We are proud of this, as it is the foundation of our business.

As we grow and build our team, our mission is to never lose sight of our foundation. Thank you for joining us on our journey and for the opportunity to serve you.

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