Lifts, Elevators, & Other Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions from stair lifts and home elevators to material lifts and patient lifting systems. Our goal remains the same: to address your mobility and vertical transportation needs in the most professional manner possible.

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Stair Lifts

Arrow Lift offers a wide selection of stair lift brands and models designed to work on your stairs. We'll pay particular attention to the needs of the person who will use the lift, the dimensions of your stairs, and your budget.

Since each chair will look and feel different, we highly recommend visiting one of our showrooms to compare models such  as Stannah, Bruno, Handicare and  Acorn.


Home Elevators

A residential elevator from Arrow Lift can be created to both meet your needs and match your taste.

Whether blending in or standing out, every home elevator we install will provide you with safe access to all levels of your home. Let our 30+ years of experience guide you through this process!


Vertical Platform Lifts

Making private & public buildings fully accessible is Arrow Lift’s specialty. Our custom made lines of wheelchair lifts are a cost-effective solution to make your building barrier free.

Commercial and residential wheelchair lifts look and operate similarly, but building codes vary greatly on where and how they can be installed.


LU/La Elevators

Limited use/limited application (LU/LA) elevators from Arrow Lift provide compact and economical accessibility in places of worship and in public & commercial spaces with limited accessibility needs or tight spaces.

LU/LA elevators require less headroom, shallower pits, and  consume less power than commercial passenger elevators. When installed in suitable applications, they meet the requirements of the ANSI A117.1 accessibility code and of the ASME A17.1 elevator safety code.


Dumbwaiters provide a convenient means of moving groceries, luggage, and other goods between levels with a smaller footprint than a home elevator.

In commercial settings, dumbwaiters can be constructed out of durable stainless steel to provide lifting for food service and medical applications as well as office or warehouse uses.


Material Handling Solutions

We offer a variety of material lifts and vertical reciprocating conveyors to address material handling needs in commercial and industrial environments.

Our solutions can handle a variety of car sizes, applications, and weight capacities.


Ceiling Track Lift Systems

Ceiling track systems assist with patient mobility in homes and medical institutions.

Our track lift systems can be powered or manual, can be sized for different patient weights, and can be configured turn corners and travel down multiple route branches.

Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts are a cost-effective and typically construction-free way of maintaining your independence at home. Stair lifts are affordable, flexible, and attach straight to your stair treads- meaning they can typically go in quickly and get you back to focusing on the things that are most important in life. They also fold up when not in use so that they do not block stairways or inconvenience your guests.


For straight stairways without landings, we provide a variety of stair lifts to serve every budget and set of physical circumstances. We carry multiple straight stair lift makes and models in stock so we can install one for you ASAP.


For stairways that turn or have landings, we can have a stair lift manufactured to fit your stairs exactly so that you can stay in the home that you love. We guarantee that our lift will fit your stairs and can provide options to park the stair lift out of the way on a landing so it is easier to get on and off the lift.


Because we are one of the largest stair lift suppliers in the US, we have a large inventory of lightly used and reconditioned stair lifts available to install for our customers. These units provide a low cost alternative to purchasing a new stair lift in situations where it is difficult to secure the up front purchase price of a new stair lift.

From the 17th century all the way until today - learn about the origins of stair lifts.


Home Elevators

Home elevators are an elegant method of providing convenience and accessibility for homeowners planning a new home or major remodel. Elevators allow you to build up rather than out, all without having to worry about tackling the stairs in the case of future mobility challenges. Let our 30+ years of experience guide you through this process


Attention To Detail

We have built our business on paying attention to the little things in order to keep our customers happy.

When we work with you on a home elevator, we are committed to providing you with safety and long-term quality, because whether you are a homeowner, architect, or builder, we want to continue serving you for many years to come.


Flexibility in Design

Home elevators are compact, require minimal pit depth and overhead, and run on standard residential 220-240 VAC power.

Every home elevator is designed and manufactured specifically for the home and space that it is installed in, so that we can maximize your home's footprint and provide you with the flexibility you need to make it work.


American Craftsmanship

Our home elevators are manufactured in the USA by a team of experts with decades of industry experience. Our team will build the elevator your project needs at the requisite level of quality and beauty to ensure that it is appropriate for the caliber of home where it is installed.


Construction Coordination

Adding an elevator to your project requires additional design considerations and will impact several construction trades.

We make it easy for you by providing clear communication, written documentation, and accurate shop drawings customized for your specific application. Follow the link below for a list of typical coordination points.

Vertical Platform Lifts


Ideal for Public/Commercial Use

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) are ideal in public & commercial buildings where accessibility is desired or required for distances of less than 14 feet of travel, ainstallation of a ramp or passenger elevator is technically and financially impractical. VPLs are generally permitted to provide an accessible route in new commercial construction to spaces under 3,000 square feet, to stages, sound booths, courtrooms, seating areas of event centers & sporting facilities, and in applications where existing site constraints make a ramp or elevator infeasible. In existing construction VPLs are where the travel is less than 14'0" and there is not a Building Code requirement for a stretcher sized elevator.


Flexible Design Options

VPLs take minimal space due to their open platform design with 42" side walls, as well as limited running clearances and a comact drive system that sits inside of the machine housing.

VPLs can be designed to fit inside of a drywall hoistway to minimize equipment cost, or to sit inside of a manufactured enclosure so that the lift is self-contained and work required by others is minimized.

Accessible platform sizes and code compliance for specific applications can vary by Code jurisdiction, so engaging with our team early in your project will help to ensure your design is compliant and compatible with our equipment requirements.

LU/LA Elevators

Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators (LU/LAs) provide safe & compliant accessibility in existing buildings and in tight and low-rise spaces where full-sized Passenger Elevators are impractical.


Compact & Economical

LU/LA Elevators are typically installed in very compact spaces with minimal pit depth and overhead. This design flexibility along with a power-sipping 1:2 roped hydraulic drive system results in a total cost of ownership unrivaled by passenger elevators.


Where installed in suitable applications as permitted by local building codes, LU/LA Elevators are permitted to be used to provide an accessible route between spaces, in compliance with ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

Uniquely Customizable

Because our LU/LA Elevators are designed and built for each project, we can build from steel or applied panels, or can build a beautiful wood cab from nearly any species to complement your building's design.

Material Handling Solutions


IndustriAL Grade Solutions

We work with a variety of manufacturers to bring you the toughest and most robust material handling solutions. Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) provide an excellent total cost of ownership to you and may help protect your staff from lifting related injuries.


The Right Tool for the Job

VRCs and floor-loading Dumbwaiters can provide solutions with capacities from a few hundred pounds to several tons. We can work with you to balance investment cost, ongoing cost of ownership, and performance criteria to make sure that you get the best value for your application.



Dumbwaiters can be installed in both commercial and residential settings for the vertical transportation of goods such as groceries, luggage, documents, and light freight between levels of a home or building.


Residential Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters in homes take up less space than elevators and can still be used to transport groceries or luggage between floors. They are affordable with a low cost of ownership and can provide you with assistance in moving goods in your home. Other uses include firewood, softener salt, wine cases and hobby supplies.


Commercial Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings can be equipped with various configurations in order to meet requirements for food safety, healthcare, or other unique needs.

Commercial dumbwaiters are typically higher in capacity than residential dumbwaiters and can fill an important need in the workflow of your organization. They are also a great way to prevent workplace injuries by eliminating heavy lifting.

Ceiling Track Lift Systems


Simple and Reliable assistance

Ceiling track lift systems are a straightforward solution to the challenge of mobility for patients and residents that are unable to navigate beds, bathrooms, and exam rooms without assistance. Typically powered by batteries and charged by main building power, these lifts greatly improve the ability of patient care workers to assist with mobility within a room or between rooms.


Improved Quality of Life

Ceiling track lifts can be installed in both institutional and residential settings, and can enable patients to use services that would otherwise be very difficult to navigate both for patients and aides alike. The combination of a ceiling track paired with a stair lift or elevator provides whole home, multi floor accessibility.